Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Last Sunday, Eli visited the Kensico Dam in Valhalla. It was so cold that he didn't even get out of the car....just admired the Dam from a distance.

Today, we took Eli north for a ride to the West Point, NY area. No pictures of him there...but we do have some from other points on our trip. Eli is very upset with me that I didn't take him into the city yesterday when I visited the Whitney Museum. He said that he loooooves art & also would've like to have seen Grand Central & enjoy the train ride. I'll just have to make a special trip with him, won't I?!?! Any ideas of where we should take Eli would be greatly appreciated!

Eli, outside of Camp Smith (near the Bear Mountain Bridge), in front of a tank named the Countess Lucille. He was very impressed!

Here we are, along the mighty Hudson River with Indian Point off in the distance.'s cold & the river is partially frozen!

A blurry, but cool (no pun intended) picture of Eli at sunset, along the Hudson River.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve with Eli

Hello again & Happy New Year! It's the first day of 2010...a new decade & a new adventure with Eli! I hope to have many more travels & adventures with Eli this year & I hope y'all will continue on this journey with me....I also hope more people will join us here, too!

My mother, her husband (Jim), my hubby (Skip), myself & Eli went to Gasho of Japan (a Japanese hibachi steakhouse in Hawthorne, NY) last night for New Year's Eve dinner. Our hibachi chef was particularly fun & entertaining & we all enjoyed ourselves. I've posted some pictures below of Eli of course. Skip, Eli & myself were too tired to do anything today, even though I was in bed by 12:45 last night. Eli found it depressing to see how badly off Dick Clark was last's just sad how he's aged & what the stroke has done to him.

Anyway.....stick around for more travels with Eli. And.....of course.....if you want to borrow Eli for some adventures, please just let me know. The only "rules" are that you e-mail me pictures to post here (& to send to Eli's creator Herb Hoover) & that you return Eli to me. Happy 2010!

I think that this picture of Eli is pretty self-explanatory.

Eli thought that the stone lions outside of Gasho were pretty cool & wanted to pose with them.

Eli was entranced with the food preperation & had to get a closer look. Please note that Eli is NOT on fire & no crackers were hurt during the course of the evening!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Howdy & welcome to my brand new blog, "Travels with Eli!" You've heard of the Julie/Julia Project? No? At least you've heard of the movie "Julie & Julia," right? Well, this is MY new project! Let me fill you in....

I found Eli (yes, I named him & yes, it's a him) at Whimsies Incognito in Tarrytown, NY just before Christmas. Eli is a pewter saltine cracker made by NYC based artist Herb Hoover. Eli has his own special # so he can be tracked. My goal for this project is to take as many pictures (myself & with the help of friends/family) of Eli in as many different & interesting places as possible over the course of time (a year, hopefully more!). I'll post all the pictures here, as long as there's no indecency or profanity involved. The pictures will also hopefully be posted over at Herb Hoover's blog, found here, or possibly at his other site, found here. My first 3 pics of Eli are below.

If you'd like to be involved in my "Travels with Eli" project, let me know! Of course, you'd have to be willing to e-mail me your pics of Eli & also be willing to send Eli back to me as soon as your done...otherwise I'd miss him just too dang much!!!! If you're NOT willing to go along with the above 2 "rules," then please don't ask me to send him to you. You'd just have to go get your own at Whimsies Incognito OR through Herb Hoover OR at a nearby Art~O~Mat machine.

Anyway....welcome & I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to post comments.....I looooooooove comments!

Eli finding some of his edible cousins at Shoprite in Thornwood, NY.

Eli is a lot like me...he likes to go to cemeteries & wander around.

Although Eli & I are NY Mets fans, we can both appreciate a great baseball legend as much as the next guy. Here's Eli at Babe Ruth's grave at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Valhalla, NY.